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How to verify a trust account
How to verify a trust account

A guide on how to verify a trust account

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Digital Surge makes verifying a trust account simple. Within just a few steps, you can leave the work to us while we build your own trust crypto trading account.

Step 1

Head to our sign-up page to begin the process

Please enter in your email address and password and then hit ‘create your account’.

Step 2

On the next page, you will find your dashboard. This is your home page for your Digital Surge account.

Please proceed to confirm your email address.

Step 3

You will now be able to select the account type you wish to set up. In this case, you will select ‘Trust’

On the next screen, you will be prompted to verify your mobile number.

Step 4

On this screen, please input the name of your Trust and the address it is registered to.

Step 5

Please ensure that you upload your full Trust Deed. This Deed is typically ≈60 pages in length and will show the Trustees and Members.

Step 6: Verify Trustee

For individual trustees:

If your trustee is an individual person, you will just need to fill in your name as it reads on your deed. See below:

For corporate trustees:

If the trustee of your trust is a business/company, your trustee will be corporate. Below, you will find a field that requires that you to enter the name of the trustee, in this case, the name of the business, and the ACN/ABN.

If you have a corporate trustee, you will also need to prepare an ASIC company extract. If you do not have this handy, you can purchase one for $9.00 here. You will just need to add your ABN/ACN into the required field on that page. The extract will then be sent to your email address as a PDF which you can upload on the next page.

Step 7

Once you have added the trustee, you will need the following to complete the verification:

  • A valid ID (Passport or driver licence)

  • A selfie holding handwritten note that reads "Digital Surge” and todays date.

  • A current residential address

Step 8

Once you have added your trustee and members, you will have the opportunity to add any other members if required.

If you have already added all members and trustees, can select ‘finish’ on this screen to complete your verification.

Step 9

Once you see the following screen, you will know that you have completed your application. Please note that your trust account approval is often completed within 24 hours.

You will receive email confirmation that your account has been verified once complete. Once you receive this confirmation, you are free to trade, deposit, and withdraw at any time.

If you have issues following these steps or unsure of what document to upload, please reach out to our customer support team through our live chat window.

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