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How to restore access to your Two-factor Authentication Code
How to restore access to your Two-factor Authentication Code

A guide on how you can restore access to your Two-factor Authentication code with your backup key

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of verification you can enable on your Digital Surge account, which significantly increases your account security.

When 2FA is enabled, you will be requested to provide a 6-digit authentication code to verify requests such as signing in to your account. This code is retrieved from your Authenticator app, which you have previously set up.

How to restore your Authenticator Code with your backup key

If you have lost your original phone or replaced it with a new one phone or even re-installed the authenticator app you will need to restore access to your 2FA code.

To restore access to your Authenticator code you will need your backup key which was provided to you during the initial set-up of your 2FA. Below is a screenshot of the step that previously prompted you to record the backup key.

Once you are able to locate your backup key, you will simply need to follow the steps below to add the backup key to your authenticator app:

  1. Open your authenticator app

  2. Add an account or enter a setup key

  3. Enter "Digital Surge" as the name

  4. Enter the backup key

  5. Press add/confirm

Once you have successfully completed these steps your authenticator app will begin generating a 6-digit authentication code every 30 seconds for you to access your account again.

Please note that the backup must be specifically for your Digital Surge account and entered correctly for the code to be valid.

I don't have access to my backup key what should I do?

If you don't have access to your backup key, you will need to reach out to Digital Surge customer support via chat or email ( so we can take you through the security process to disable your 2FA.

If you have any questions or need help please reach out to us.

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