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How to check the status of your crypto withdrawal
How to check the status of your crypto withdrawal

A guide on how you can track your crypto withdrawal

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Depending on the crypto currency you have withdrawn from your wallet, some can take longer than others to process as the amount of required network confirmations differs from coin to coin.

Making a successful withdrawal from Digital Surge involves three key steps:

  1. Submit your withdrawal request from your wallet section

  2. Wait for the withdrawal to be processed on the blockchain

  3. See your deposit on the corresponding platform/wallet

Once the withdrawal has been processed to the blockchain, a TXID (transaction ID) will be provided shortly after that you can view from your transaction history page.

Step 1

Click on the drop-down menu in the top right of your page then select the ‘Transaction history’ tab.

Step 2

If you have just withdrawn your crypto, the transaction should be right at the top of your history however, you can also manually change your view.

Filter your transaction history by clicking ‘All types’ and then changing it to ‘Withdrawals’. Additionally, change the asset type from ‘AU$’ to the coin you have withdrawn.

Step 3

Once you have located your withdrawal, please select that row.

On your next page, you will be able to see the status of the withdrawal as shown below.

Additionally, you can view the TXID once it has been processed.

Withdrawals are processed automatically and can experience delays due to network congestion. Please note you will receive an email once the transaction has been processed.

If you need any help, please reach out to our live support team.

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