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How to Manage Your Crypto Watchlist
How to Manage Your Crypto Watchlist

This guide will show how you can manage your watchlist

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Traders and investors understand that managing keeping track of different assets can be overwhelming. A watchlist is a tool provided to help with this challenge. It allows users to create a personalized list of crypto they're interested in tracking.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, a watchlist is a valuable tool to help you keep track of the prices and performance of assets.

Where can I find my Watchlist?

You can find your watchlist on your dashboard page. You'll find the list of assets along with the price and % change in the last 24 hours.

How to add crypto to your Watchlist?

In order to add assets to your watchlist you can do so by heading over to the buy and sell page and then simply click on the star icon to add them to your watchlist.

How to change the order of the assets?

You can simply adjust the order of your watchlist by holding and dragging the assets around on your dashboard. That way you can make sure the ones that you are most interested in can be at the top.

How to remove an asset?

You can remove an asset from the watchlist by simply hovering over it and then clicking on the X icon.

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