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How to Swap your crypto with Digital Surge
How to Swap your crypto with Digital Surge

A step-by-step guide on how to swap crypto on Digital Surge

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The purpose of swapping your crypto is to change from one asset to another whilst limiting transactions and fees in the process with one simple action!

Instead of selling one crypto into AUD to then purchase another, which would incur two trading fees. With the Swap feature, you can simply trade one coin directly for another in one simple transaction. Not only is this easier and saves time, but it also minimizes trading fees.

In the below example, we will swap Cardano (ADA) for XRP (XRP).

How to Swap your Crypto

Step 1

From your Dashboard, select the drop-down menu, then select 'Swap Coins'.

Step 2

Search and select the asset you wish to Swap.

Note: You can also access swaps on a specific asset from the Buy & Sell page.

Step 3

Here you can manually enter the amount of crypto you wish to swap. Alternatively, you can also select one of the pre-set amounts if you wish (if you want to swap all of an asset, please select 'Max').

In the second field, you can select the crypto you wish to swap to. Once you have done so it will show you the amount of the crypto you will receive. Press 'Review your order' to continue.

Step 4

Review your order, once you are satisfied with the details select 'Confirm your order'.

Step 5

That's it! You have successfully swapped your crypto.

If you have any questions or need any help with anything, please contact us.

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