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How to receive Crypto into your Digital Surge account
How to receive Crypto into your Digital Surge account

This guide will outline how you can receive or deposit crypto into your account

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Completing crypto transactions can be confusing when you have little or no experience, this guide will show you how you can receive crypto into your Digital Surge account. You can receive any listed crypto into your Digital Surge account.

There are many factors you need to consider when sending crypto to your Digital Surge account. Please ensure that any crypto transaction is completed correctly otherwise, your assets will be permanently lost.

How to receive Crypto

Step 1: From your dashboard, go to your wallet page

Step 2: Search for the specific crypto you want to receive in your Digital Surge account. You may need to uncheck the "hide small value" box to find it.

Note: For demonstrative purposes, we will use XRP

Step 3: Press the receive button on the specific crypto you would like to receive in your Digital Surge account.

Step 4: A popup will appear with the relevant information you can use to receive crypto into your Digital Surge account.

The wallet address and memo/tag will be provided both as a QR code and a long string of characters. It is very important you use the information provided to receive crypto into your account.

All crypto deposits into your account are completely automated. Once the required confirmations are reached on the network, the crypto will shortly be credited to your account.

Important Notes:

  • Only send the specific crypto to the wallet address associated with that asset, do not send any other assets to that address.

  • Ensure the transaction is completed on the same network as your Digital Surge wallet. For example, MATIC will need to be sent on the Polygon network. Do not send it on any other network, even if the fees are lower.

  • To prevent mistyping or using incorrect details, copy and paste the information or use the QR codes when making the transaction.

  • If a receiving address has a memo/tag, it must be included in the transaction for the wallet to successfully receive the Crypto.

Failure to complete the transaction correctly will result in your crypto being permanently lost.

Sending Crypto from other exchanges

If you are looking to send from another exchange to Digital Surge, here are some external articles that some of our users have found helpful.

Support Articles

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