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How to buy/sell cryptocurrency on Digital Surge
How to buy/sell cryptocurrency on Digital Surge

A step-by-step guide on how to buy/sell cryptocurrency on Digital Surge

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Crypto trading does not have to be difficult! This guide will explain how to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Digital Surge.

Step 1

From your Dashboard, select the Buy & Sell tab. This will take you to the list of available coins/tokens to buy/sell. This will be sorted by market cap by default.

Next, click on any crypto asset you wish to purchase/sell. In this example we will make a purchase of BTC. Selecting anywhere on the coin of choice will bring up it's graph and further information. Selecting the buy/sell options will show a simple buy/sell window.

Make sure you have the buy tab selected (this will be selected by default)

Step 2

Enter in the amount of AUD you wish to spend. You can use the preset buy amounts if they suit your order. You will then be shown the amount of cryptocurrency you will receive below.

Now you can proceed to the review page. This will provide you with further information on your order before you confirm and complete the trade

Once you are pleased with the trade, simple confirm the trade and that's it! You will then see a message to confirm that your trade was successful.

How to sell cryptocurrency

The process of selling cryptocurrency is very similar. Simply select the Sell tab next to the Buy tab at the top of the order box.

Then input the amount of your chosen cryptocurrency to sell and click Sell at the bottom of the order box. Simple as that!

When selling, you will need to enter the amount of the asset you wish to sell, the equivalent amount of AUD will then be shown below for you to confirm before completing the trade. You will then see a review & confirm window similar to the buy process above allowing you to review the trade details and complete the trade.

We hope this article has been helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact us via our live chat if you have any further questions. Happy trading!

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