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How to use Trigger Orders on Digital Surge
How to use Trigger Orders on Digital Surge

This guide will explain what trigger orders are and how to use them on Digital Surge.

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Understanding Trigger Orders

Trigger orders allow you to set the price you wish to buy or sell and have the order automatically placed when your price is matched. These orders are commonly referred to as take profit or stop-loss orders. Setting up a trigger order is incredibly simple and can help you to optimise your trading.

Before we dive deeper into the nuts and bolts behind trigger orders, here’s a quick and easy tutorial about how to set one on Digital Surge.

Step 1

Click on any crypto asset you wish to purchase, select either Buy/Sell, and then select ‘Trigger’ instead of ‘Instant’.

You will then be asked to input the price at which you would like the trigger order to execute.

In the box below you will be asked to input the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. If you are only buying a fraction of a single Bitcoin or other coin, you can enter up to 8 decimal places.

Step 2

Once you have entered in the price at which you want to buy/sell and the desired amount, you can click the review button down below.

This will take you to a screen that will show you the details of the trigger order you are about to make, plus the fee associated with the trade if your trigger price is reach and your order is executed.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the trigger order’s conditions, click confirm.

And you’re done!

NOTE: Unlike a regular instant buy/sell order, when you set a trigger order, no cryptocurrency will be bought/sold UNTIL the trigger price has been reached.

Some more about trigger orders

By setting Trigger orders, you can specify your trading strategy to enter or exit a position when the price is right without having to continually check the market conditions. You will be notified by email when your Trigger order is executed, allowing you to review your position.

Digital Surge’s trigger orders:

  • Will execute when the Trigger price is matched, allowing you to set up multiple trading strategies at the same time.

  • Will stay in place until they match. If your Trigger order exceeds your account balance at the time the Trigger order executes the order will fail.

  • Do not lock your funds, allowing you to create multiple Trigger orders across different assets.

NOTE: One of the key differences between Digital Surge’s trigger orders & most other platform’s trigger orders is that we don't lock your funds into an open order. The benefit of this is that it allows you to set up multiple trigger orders and potentially chain them together.

For example, you could set up the following conditions:

Current price of BTC is $60,000

You have a balance of $55,000 AUD and 0 BTC

You set a trigger price of $55,000 to BUY 1 BTC

You also set a trigger price to SELL 1 BTC at $65,000

If during the night the price of Bitcoin suddenly drops down to $55,000 and then spikes up to $65,000 - both of your triggers would be met and you would have automatically purchased 1 BTC at $55,000 and sold it for $65,000 - returning a handy profit.

On other platforms it would not be possible to place the SELL order as you don't have enough BTC in your wallet and would need to buy some before doing so.

One thing to keep in mind is that all triggers orders are placed via our smart order routing system as market orders. This means that the amount you end up receiving could be slightly more or less (which is standard) depending on the volatility of the asset at the time the trigger was activated. You will also need to ensure that you have enough funds in your account as the order may end up getting triggered but not filled unless the funds are available for the order.

Untriggered & Unmatched Triggered orders don't incur any trading fees – trading fees only apply to successfully completed trades.

Trigger Order Statuses

A Trigger order can have the following statuses:




The market price has not yet matched your Trigger order.


The Trigger Price has been reached but no order has been filled.


The Trigger Order has been executed and the order has been filled.

Automate your trades

Trigger orders are an excellent way to take your trading to the next level and ensure you get the best price for you trades. Once you have decided what your trading strategy will be, setting up trigger orders allows you to simply sit back and wait while the trigger orders do the work for you!

Set trigger orders through Tradingview

A unique feature that Digital Surge has included in its Tradingview integration is the ability to set trigger orders which you can see them on the chart itself (trigger orders are orders which automatically trigger when they reach a certain price).

You can choose to see your trigger orders by clicking the eye button above the chart. Your trigger orders should appear on the chart and can be easily modified by clicking on them. This is a handy feature as most trigger orders are set around established support and resistance levels. Choosing the levels at which you want to buy and sell is incredibly easy when you can see your orders directly on the chart. Cool, right?


Digital Surge uses the best-in-class charting package provided by Tradingview, which is regarded as the benchmark for crypto charting packages.

TradingView is a platform that lets you customize technical indicators, create charts, and analyze financial assets. These indicators are patterns, lines, and shapes that millions of traders use every day. If you’re serious about trading crypto, especially on shorter time frames, Tradingview is a tool you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.

To switch from the simple DS chart to Tradingview mode, simply navigate to any coin’s chart and click the candlestick button at the top right of the chart.

This will automatically take you to Tradingview, where you can gain a whole new breadth of insight into the market and make use of a variety of technical analysis indicators and tools that can help optimise your trades.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re happy to help!

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