Digital Surge provides a quick and easy way to download your transaction exports. They are available in 3 different formats: Transactions, Trades, and Transfers.

Transactions: Includes all transactions and transfers in a single export in an accounting style format.

Trades: Includes all trading activity on your account.

Transfers: Includes all deposits, withdrawals, sends and received on your account.

Step-by-step process:

First click on the top right-hand menu and select ‘Transaction History’

In the top right-hand section of the Transaction History page you’ll see ‘Export History’ which when clicked will give you three options: Transactions, Trades, and Transfers

Choose the type you want to export. From there simply enter your desired date range and format. If you want to download your entire history, simply leave the From and To boxes empty.

You can export your history in Excel, CSV, Text, and YAML formats. Most import tools will want CSV.

And that’s it! Your transaction exports should be downloaded onto your computer!

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’re here to help.

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