Importing Your Data from Digital Surge into ACCOINTING - Step by Step Guide

The world of cryptocurrency is going mainstream at breakneck pace, but it can be hard to keep track of all your transactions, holdings and how your portfolio is tracking overall.

But thanks to ACCOINTING, staying on top of all your trading activity has never been simpler. The easy-to-use ACCOINTING platform now integrated with Digital Surge’s platform makes portfolio tracking easier, tax time and gaining valuable insights into your investments a breeze!

This simple guide will show you how you can import all your transactions from Digital Surge into the ACCOINTING platform. This will allow you to:

1. View how your portfolio is performing

2. Get valuable information on potential investment strategies

3. Set warnings and alerts based on your current portfolio
4. Get valuable insights using a large body of data
5. Optimise your crypto taxes and save valuable time

Let’s go through how to import data from Digital Surge.

How to import data with API key

There is a simple way to create an API key on Digital Surge. Just click the drop down menu and select API key.

Once you’ve done that, click on ‘create a new API key’ and select ‘read only’ – you will receive your API key which you can then copy.

Finally, jump on over to When you’re there, simply click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and search for Digital Surge.

The API option is usually the first one you will see when you do, and there will be a field where you can paste your API key and select the timeframe you’re after!

And that’s that. Your Digital Surge trading activity will now be synced with your ACCOINTING account. You’ll be able to view your portfolio’s performance along with a number of other things under your dashboard.

How to import data with CSV export

You can also import your Digital Surge transactions through a CSV file directly to ACCOINTING. First, find the transaction history section. You can locate this section in the drop down menu in the top right hand of your screen.

Next, just hit export history, and then transaction history, enter in a date range and select CSV file.

After that, pop on over to the ACCOINTING website and start by clicking on the green button to add a Wallet or Exchange.

You’ll be shown a search box where you can search and find Digital Surge.

Then select the option ‘File’, which will ask you to upload a CSV file.

Upload or draft your transactions.csv file that you just exported from Digital Surge into the window and hit ‘Save connection’. Congratulations, you’re all done!

Your wallet and all your transactions will now be added to your ACCOINTING account.

Creating an account with ACCOINTING to track your portfolio is always FREE, but if you would like to generate a tax report, select a tax plan to get started.

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