Your End of Financial Year price statement is a useful document that shows a full list of Digital Surge's cryptocurrencies and the price at the end of each financial year ended (end of June).

In order to get your End of Financial Year price statement, First select Transaction History from the main menu

Select the EOFY Statement button

You will then be able view and print the statement by selecting Print. You can print it to PDF to save to your computer.

Why do I need this EOFY Prices Statement?

This EOFY statement is helpful for calculating your tax as you will need to multiply the amount of crypto you ended the financial year with by the price of that cryptocurrency when the financial year ended, thus allowing you/your accountant to know how much crypto you had at the end of the year (in AUD), which is necessary to calculate your tax. For all assets you had in your Digital Surge wallets, this is automatically done for you in your Account Statement.

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