The Digital Surge app allows you to view your account statement, which is a formal record showing a total list of your crypto assets during a certain time period or financial year.

These account statements can be kept as a hard copy record for yourself (printed or saved as a PDF) and given to your accountant as an official record of your crypto assets.

Here's how you download your account statement:

Click the drop-down menu and select Transaction History (third item down).

Select Account Statement.

Select a financial year or custom date.

You will then be shown your account statement with all the relevant information in a clean and easy to read format. From there you can easily print your statement or save it as a PDF.

And you're done! Keep in mind that your accountant will also need your trades/transfers exports ON TOP of your account statement in order to calculate your taxes.

If you have any trouble or further questions, don't hesitate to get in contact. We're here to help.

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