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How to setup a price alert

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Stay in the loop and respond in real-time with custom price alerts.

Price alerts allow you to monitor the price of any cryptocurrency and receive an SMS, email, or in App notification when the price is reached.

How to set up an alert

Step 1: Open Price Alerts from the drop down menu

Step 2: Select the 'Add a price alert' button

Step 3: Select the cryptocurrency you want to monitor from the searchable drop-down list, then set the price you want to be notified at (in AUD). Select how you want to receive the alert (SMS, email, or in App), leave it blank to be notified within the app only. Lastly, select 'Create an alert' to confirm your price alert... and voila! You have now created your first alert.

How to edit/delete a Price Alert

Step 1: You can turn off a Price ALert by selecting the On/Off toggle and switching it to off. You can also select the edit button which will allow you to either edit or delete the Price Alert.

Step 2: To edit your Price Alert, please follow the same steps shown in Step 4 of setting up. To delete a Recurring Buy, simply select the 'delete the alert' button.

Price Alert Notifications

When you price is met on the coin/token you have selected. You will receive a notification on the bell icon on your Dashboard, please select it for further information on the alert.

If you have any questions about Price Alerts, please reach out to us via live chat.

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