Australian cryptocurrency exchange Digital Surge has made trading crypto simpler and more convenient than ever with their new mobile app for iOS and Android.

Customers can now trade on-the-go and have instant access to 270+ crypto assets at the lowest rates of any other Australian based cryptocurrency exchange.

Instant trading wherever you are

Featuring a sleek, user-friendly interface that doesn’t sacrifice any of the trading capabilities, Digital Surge’s new mobile app takes convenience to the next level. Given how time-sensitive the crypto market can be, having instant trading in your pocket is a huge advantage for traders looking to make the most from short-term price movements.

Make the most of the market

The crypto markets are heating up and there are opportunities everywhere. Digital Surge's new mobile app for iOS and Android provides an incredibly easy way to:

  • View & track your portfolio

  • Keep an eye on your favourite coins

  • Buy/sell cryptocurrency with the click of a button

  • Set trigger orders

  • Research Coins

  • Stay up-to-date & make the most of market movements

Simplifying cryptocurrency for everyday Australians

Over the years, Digital Surge have made a name for themselves by offering Australians a uniquely user-friendly way to trade crypto with excellent customer support and some of the lowest fees out there. Since the beginning, founders Dan & Josh have been on a mission to simplify the world of crypto for everyday Australians – and their new mobile app is another big step in the right direction.

How to install the App on Mobile

You can download the app in a matter of seconds from the Android or Apple app store (click the links to download the app directly). The platform has been designed from a mobile-first perspective meaning everything that you can do on your desktop can also be done from your mobile.

How to install the App on Desktop

Getting access to crypto has never been easier. In just a few short minutes, you can install the uniquely user-friendly Digital Surge App on your desktop or mobile by choosing the 'Install App' item from your dashboard.

Make sure you are using Chrome to install the app. Once it is installed you won't need to go back into Chrome.

After logging into your account, you can choose the ‘Install App’ option from your Digital Surge Account Menu. This option will be available for Android and Windows Desktop (scroll down if you use an iPhone or Apple device).

You will then be prompted to confirm the installation and add the shortcut to your home screen or start menu.

Once installed you can then launch the App from your phones home screen or your desktops start menu.

The Install App menu option will only be available if you are logged into your dashboard using Android or a Desktop Computer. If you have already clicked the Install App menu item then it will no longer be available until you reopen the page in a new browser window.

If the Install App option is not available in your menu, you can install the App by going to your Chrome menu, and choosing Install app.

It's as simple as that. You can then launch the App from desktop or laptop, Happy trading!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help.

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