Stay up to date on your investments from anywhere with the Digital Surge mobile and desktop App!

The platform has been designed from a mobile first perspective meaning everything that you can do on your desktop can also be done from your mobile.

The App can be installed directly from your Dashboard and you can then launch the App from your mobile home screen or desktop start menu.

How to install the App on Android or Desktop

Getting access to crypto has never been easier. In just a few short minutes, you can install the uniquely user-friendly Digital Surge App on your desktop or mobile by choosing the 'Install App' item from your dashboard.

Make sure you are using Chrome to install the app. Once it is installed you wont need to go back into Chrome.

After logging into your account, you can choose the ‘Install App’ option from your Digital Surge Account Menu. This option will be available for Android and Windows Desktop (scroll down if you use an iPhone or Apple device).

You will then be prompted to confirm the installation and add the shortcut to your home screen or start menu.

Once installed you can then launch the App from your phones home screen or your desktops start menu.

The Install App menu option will only available if you are logged into your dashboard using Android or a Desktop Computer. If you have already clicked the Install App menu item then it will no longer be available until you reopen the page in a new browser window.

If the Install App option is not available in your menu, you can install the App by going to your Chrome menu, and choosing Install app.

How to install the App on iPhone or iPad

While the Install App menu item will not be available on iPhone or iPad, you can still easily install the App. Here's how:

At the bottom of your screen, tap the Action button

Then select Add to Home Screen

And click Add

Its as simple as that. You can then launch the App from your iPhones or iPads home screen.

Happy trading!

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