Other Bank PayID Deposit Instructions

Instructions for making a PayID deposit from your bank

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Most banks now support PayID! Click below to find out if your bank is one of them.

What are some other names PayID uses?

Depending on your bank, PayID may also appear under the names: NPP or Osko or Fast Payments.

Each bank does PayID payments a little differently – for some, PayID will automatically appear as an option, for others you may have to select an Osko payment (or another name) first.

What are the benefits of PayID?

PayID is a simple and free way to deposit money into your account. PayID uses Osko to allow for super fast and secure payments, removing the need to remember BSB and account numbers.

Why is PayID better than a bank transfer?

PayID is not subject to those annoying bank transfer times. It is real-time 24/7, 365 days a year.

PayID is also extremely secure, more accurate and contains more information about the payment, meaning your deposit can't be missed!

How long does a PayID payment take?

PayID deposits usually take less than a minute, but if this is your first deposit or you have deposited a large amount, it may be held by your bank or take 24 hours to clear, though this is not common!

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