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Instructions for making a PayID deposit from your bank

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Step 1 - Log in to CBA mobile app

Step 2 - Select 'Pay Someone'

Step 3 - Select the + sign at the top

Step 4 - From the menu select 'more...'

Step 5 - From the next menu select 'Email address'

Step 6 - Enter your personal PayID email address. This will be in the format of (e.g.

Step 7 - Click Next

Step 8 - Check the details that CBA brings up are for Digital Surge and click OK

Step 9 - Enter the amount that you wish to send.

Step 10 - In the 'Description' and 'Reference' fields, enter the reference number provided in your Digital Surge deposit screen.

Step 11 - Select the account to make a payment from

Step 12 - Confirm the details are correct and click 'Pay" at the top right

Step 13 - Click 'Pay' again on the confirmation screen

Step 14 - CBA will confirm that payment was successful

Step 15 - Payment will be credited to your Digital Surge account once received

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