NAB PayID - Desktop

Instructions for making a PayID deposit from your bank

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To see NAB PayID instructions for mobile, click here.

Step 1

Login to NAB internet banking

Step 2

Under 'Transfer & Pay' menu select 'Pay to a PayID'

Step 3

Under Select a PayID type select email address

Step 4

Enter your personal PayID email address. This will be in the format of (e.g. and click 'Verify'

Step 5

Select the account you want to send payment from

Step 6

Enter the amount you want to send

Step 7

In 'Description' enter in the reference number provided in your Digital Surge deposit screen

Step 8

Double check details are correct on the confirmation screen

Step 9

Enter in 2FA code that will be sent to your mobile number

Step 10

NAB will advise payment has been sent

Step 11

Payment will be credited to your Digital Surge account once received

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