If you’ve already gone through our super-fast verification process you will automatically have a Level 1 account that you can use to deposit and trade. Here is a brief overview of our different verification levels and what is involved.

Level 1

The default verification level that requires only your basic identification details to complete your account setup. This is the simplest verification level and allows you to immediately deposit, trade and withdraw AUD back to your bank account.

If you wish to send your crypto to an external wallet, pay bills from your DS wallet, or withdraw to a bank account you haven’t deposited from in the past, you will need to upgrade to Level 2.

Bank Accounts

Any bank account that you use to deposit funds will be automatically added to your profile. You can withdraw funds to any bank account that is in your profile. If you wish to add a new bank account you will need to make a deposit from that account for it to be added to your profile.

Pay Bills

Paying bills with crypto from your DS wallet is restricted at Level 1. You will still be able to pay bills if you are paying from an external wallet.

Send Crypto

Sending crypto to an external wallet is restricted on Level 1 accounts. If you wish to send to an external wallet you will need to upgrade your account.

Level 2

Level 2 accounts require some additional verification and remove all restrictions. Level 2 accounts can pay bills from your DS wallet, send crypto to external wallets, and add new bank accounts to withdraw funds to.

How can I get my account upgraded?

Upgrading your account to Level 2 is quick and easy. You will need to provide a photo of your ID and a selfie with you holding a handwritten sign with the writing “Digital Surge” and today’s date.

You can start the verification process by clicking the Upgrade to level 2 button in your Account Settings.

Daily Limits

All accounts have a default daily deposit and withdrawal limit of $20k per day.

AUD deposit methods available are PayID (also called Osko) or POLi.

Find out more about our Payment Methods here.

How can I increase my limits?

Daily limits can be increased to up to $100k per day on request.

You may be required to provide further details to complete the upgrade. To apply, please log into your account and contact our friendly support team via our live chat – we’d be more than happy to assist!

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