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ID Types for Verification
ID Types for Verification

What ID can I use to verify my account?

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There are a number of types of ID you can use to verify your account. The minimum requirement for verifying your account requires one of these primary documents:

  • Australian or New Zealand driver licence

All Australian & New Zealand driver licences including learner permits and probationary licences can be verified. All active, disqualified and suspended licences are also accepted.

  • Australian or New Zealand passport

We accept Australian & New Zealand passports for verification. The passport must be valid and not past its expiry date.

  • Photo ID's with a valid Medicare Card

An Australian photo ID with a valid Medicare Card can be used to complete the account verification.

  • International passport with a valid Australian Visa

We verify the details of your Australian Visa, rather than the passport. Expired passports are accepted, as long as the visa is valid.

Ensure you enter your name as it appears on your Visa Grant Notice. Certain passports, such as New Zealand, may have an electronic visa issued on arrival in Australia.

If you’ve become an Australian citizen, your previous visa is no longer valid. You’ll need to use an Australian passport to verify your identity.

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