Step 1.
Sign into your account and press the Buy button.

Step 2.
Enter the amount you wish to invest.

Step 3.
Provide your name and mobile phone number.

Step 4.
Confirm mobile number.

Step 5.
Continue to Digital ID to begin verification.

Step 6.
Start verification or if already a member with Digital ID press connect.

Step 7.
Select ID document type.

Step 8.
After providing your ID documentation you will get a confirmation that your verification was successful. You then need to press the allow button to continue.

Step 9.
Verification successful, you can now confirm the order details and proceed to payment method selection.

Step 10.
Confirm payment method (here we have selected POLi).

Step 11.
Confirm bank and follow details provided by POLi.

Step 12.
Payment accepted, however due to first time use it may trigger manual check if. This will be confirmed within 24 hours, if you need it done quicker feel free to start a live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 13.
Confirmation email saying POLI payment has been accepted.

Step 14.
Refresh dashboard and confirm amount is available.

Success!  - You have successfully completed the buy wizard to purchase your first lot of digital currency. Your next purchase will be much quicker as the verification process (steps 3-8) only need to be completed once. 

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