The payment methods we support are PayID and POLi. Each have their benefits which are detailed below. You can choose which is the best payment method for you.

Unfortunately we cannot facilitate purchases with Credit Cards due to the high risk of fraud associated with these transactions.


PayID can be used to deposit money into your account in as little as 60 seconds - and its 100% free.

First time PayID payments can be held for up to 24 hours by your bank as a security precaution. Future deposits should then be immediate.

For instructions on how to send money from your bank account using PayID, see our Banking Instructions guide.


POLi is the payment method provided by Australia Post. This method establishes a secure connection with your internet banking service in order to make your purchase immediately.

POLi Pay has a limit of $8k per day, and a small fee transaction fee.

If you choose POLi Pay, you will be guided through the transfer process using your internet banking app.

POLi deposits will be credited instantly and you can trade immediately, however the funds will be restricted from being withdrawn from your account until the funds have been officially received. As POLi payments are sent over the older bank network they can take 1-2 days to be cleared.

To find out more check out our article about Reserved Balance's.

All deposits will need to be from a bank account in the same name as your Digital Surge account, otherwise they will be rejected.

If you receive a call from your bank regarding the transaction, confirm that the transaction is legitimate and requested by you. This is a normal security protocol by your bank to ensure there is no fraud on your account.

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