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Pay Bills with Bitcoin
Pay Bills with Bitcoin

Its easier than you think to pay your bills with Bitcoin

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Paying any Australian bill or Credit Card with Bitcoin is simple with Digital Surge. All you need is the BPAY details, and you're ready to go.

Open the Pay Your Bills from the Account Menu and you can choose between 3 options.

  • Pay BPAY bill

  • Pay to Credit Card

  • Pay to Bank Account

Choose which option you would like to pay to, enter your BPAY details and you're bills are paid. Simple!

When you are ready to pay, you will have the choice to pay from your DS Wallet, or from an Offline Wallet. Your DS Wallet is where your Bitcoins will be stored when you first purchase them. However if you have since moved them to an offline wallet, you can still pay your bills by selecting to pay from your offline wallet.

Pay from DS Wallet

Choose this option if your Bitcoins are in your DS wallet. The payment will deduct the Bitcoin amount from your wallet and your bill will be paid.

Pay from Offline Wallet

Choose this option if you store your Bitcoins in an offline wallet. As your Bitcoin is stored offline, you will be shown the amount of Bitcoin to transfer along with the address to send it to. You will need to transfer the Bitcoins within 10 minutes to keep the quoted price. Once the Bitcoin has been received your bill will be paid.

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