In order to make purchasing Bitcoins as simple as possible, our wizard will guide you through the process. 

By simply entering the amount of Australian Dollars you would like to spend, or the amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase, the wizard will fill in the blanks for you. All costs are transparent, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Payment Methods

Once you have entered how much Bitcoin you would like to purchase, you can chose either POLi Pay or Bank Transfer to finalise the transaction.

POLi Pay

POLi Pay is the transfer method provided by Australia Post. This method establishes a secure connection with your internet banking in order to make your purchase immediately. This saves you having to wait 1-2 business days to transfer your money by bank transfer, and will even work on weekends. 

POLi Pay has a limit of $1,000 per day, and has a small fee that is included in the transaction.

If you choose POLi Pay, you will be guided through the transfer process using your internet banking app.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers have a higher limit of $10,000 per day, and the added advantage that they are free. However they do take 1-2 business days for the funds to clear. This is a good option if you are not in a hurry.

If you choose Bank Transfer, you will be provided with the account details to send the money to. You can then use your internet banking to transfer the funds.

If you receive a call from your bank regarding the transaction, confirm that the transaction is legitimate and requested by you. This is a normal security protocol by your bank to ensure there is no fraud on your account.

Once your money has been received, the Bitcoin will be credited to your account. The amount of Bitcoin will depend on the current market price at the time the funds were cleared.

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